1969-1970       Crystal City News – Co-founder, Co-publisher • The Crystal City News The ParkI Shutter to Think • The Kent State Effect • Barefoot in the Park

1972-1975       WIOT-FM, Toledo – News Director, Morning Drive DJ • Alice Cooper, Black Panthers, Rookie Newsman The Greatest • Straight Up • Rare Slides – The Greatest The Jump to the Major Leagues •

1975-1978       WEBN-FM, Cincinnati – News Director • (Not) WKRP in Cincinnati Purple Woody Hayes Hockey, News – Pt. 3

1978-1980       WMMR-FM, Philadelphia – News Director • Philadelphia, Pt. 1 Philadelphia, Pt. 2 The Things I CarriedSun Ra – I Invaded His Space • 40 Years Ago: the Who Tragedy in Cincinnati A Striking Baseball Story Do You Believe?

1980-1981       Dial Sports, Philadelphia – Managing Editor • Philadelphia, Pt. 3 • Monday Night Football, December 8, 1980

1981-1983 WMET-FM, Chicago — News Director, Host, Zero BS Talk Show. Old Style Chicago Marilyn Chambers and the Eye of the Tiger • Why, You’re Welcome, Ms. Chambers, Mr Rodgers • Rock it, WMET News!

1983-1989       ABC Radio News, New York – Reporter on the Road Lebanon •  Late for the Grenada InvasionWide World of War…and Resort Living Live Aid • Ethiopia SudanClapton, Lane and a Texas Ambush • Rock in Rio The Wimbledon Press Pass Caper and Other Stories NCAA Final State of the Standups 1985 Unconventional CoverageHollywood for Ugly People The First Airborne Rock & Roll Division Seventh Son – Willie Dixon I Think it was the Fourth of July Stone ROSRS The Who’s Tommy • Deconstructing the News Conference • Off to College with Dad – and Mic • An Iowa State Update Thanks, Caption Obvious • I Am Not Touching Your Tape Recorder! • R.I.P. Conventions • Superspreader: Spring Break • How Bogus Were the ’89 Grammys? Thwarted

1987-1988       Good Morning America, ABC News – Music Correspondent The Piano, Man, in Russia  TV, GMA • RSNN: The Rolling Stones News Network My Divas – J-Lo, Mariah Carey, Vanessa Williams, Debbie Gibson More Divas – Beyoncè, Madonna, Barbra Streisand, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, Spice GirlsGrip and Grin • Sex and the Single Reporter • Badgering a Beatle

1989-1990       The Whole Enchilada – VH1 – Contributor • The Whole Enchilada

1990-2001       CNN Showbiz Today – Entertainment Correspondent • Part One Part Two George Clooney One, Two, Many Woodstocks • Courtside with P. Diddy and MJ Reality BitesThe Bad ActorsI’ve Seen All Good PeoplePrinceRehearsing with the StonesCelebrity Hockey – Pt. 1 Hockey Celebrities – Pt. 2 Hockey News – Pt. 3 Overtime Hockey – Pt. 4 Odds and Sods – Brian Wilson, Biggie Smalls, Oasis, Bob Dylan Howard Stern and Me The Lost Bowie Soundbite The Unreliability of Memory Q & A • More Q and A Yesterday and Today – The Beatles Not My Type E. Jean Carroll, Roger Ailes, Russell Crowe, Donald Trump Hey Dude Bolton BombedCourtside with P. Diddy and MJWhat the Hell is Interactive Music? • Joe Pesci, Pop Singer Shadow and Light – Marty Scorsese Back in the USSR • The Color of Memory • Whitney Houston, Rock Star? • Insta(matic)gram • R.E.M.embered • Throwing the Book at Woody Allen • Missing a Role Model • New York Locked DownHappy Birthday, BarbraElvis Had the Flu • Not on Walden Pond • Assignment: Garfunkel • Playing Hockey for Lou Dobbs • Country According to Al Green • South by Southwest • A Beach Boy’s Life • Country According to Al Green • Oye Cómo Va, Carlos? • Almost Famous in Toronto • These Are Days – 10,000 Maniacs, Natalie Merchant, Michael Stipe, Cat Stevens and Salman Rushdie • Flown But Not Forgotten

2001-2004       RightSize Media, Inc. – Co-Founder, President. Full-service video production, consulting  and media training firm

2002-2005       New York Times – Weekly columnist, College Hockey Notebook Hockey News – Pt. 3

2003-2004 College Sports Television (CSTV) — Analyst, Friday Night Hockey The Old College Try

2004-2007       Air America — Newscaster • What’s Left of the Dial

2007-2008       CNN Radio – New York Correspondent, part time

2007-2008       WQXR-FM – New York Times Radio News – Anchor • Dr. John • It’s a Wrap

2008-Present    Public News Service – Correspondent, Editor    

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