“You’ve been all over/and it’s been all over you.”  – U2, “Beautiful Day”

New Jersey Toledo Cincinnati Philadelphia, Chicago New York ABC Radio News Good Morning America CNN Showbiz Today New York Times Air America Moscow Rio de Janeiro Beirut Khartoum Grenada Addis Ababa Sardinia Woodstock Washington DC Hawaii Edmonton Calgary Cape Canaveral Democratic/Republican National Conventions Presidential Inaugurations Live Aid Grammy Awards US Festival MTV Video Music Awards Rock & Roll Hall of Fame  Hunter Thompson Marilyn Chambers Muhammad Ali Jerry Springer Howard Stern Wayne Gretzky Notorious B.I.G. Lou Reed Madonna Art Garfunkel Sonny Bono Tipper Gore Frank Zappa Gerald Ford David Bowie Eric Clapton Mick Jagger Keith Richards Aretha Franklin Pete Seeger Rod Stewart Hubie Brown Tom Petty George Clooney Bruce Springsteen Tom Hanks Elvis Costello Jennifer Lopez Mariah Carey Debbie Gibson Francois Truffaut Ringo Starr John Travolta Sam Elliot Kevin Spacey Barbra Streisand Elton John Billy Joel Larry Flynt George Harrison Matt Dillon ‘N Sync Will Smith, Billy Corgan Cameron Diaz Mel Gibson Tony Bennett Jeff Bridges Paul McCartney Meg Ryan Brad Pitt Bono

As I set about putting down in print and images some of the stories I’ve covered, what struck me was that I was all over the map. The diversity of assignments was extraordinary. From hard news to fluff. The sublime to the ridiculous.

Some reporters specialize in combat coverage. Some in entertainment news.

I covered the waterfront. And boy, was it fun.