Barefoot in the Park

Newly-found negatives from a positive summer concert site

“More Park photographs, Mom!”

Canned Heat, Edgar Winter, John McLaughlin

The story of how I spent my summer vacation in 1972 can be seen here, in “The Park — ‘Weekend Woodstocks’ in NW Ohio Cornfield.” And, a couple more photos in “I Shutter to Think.” I was the official photog for the rock concert venue and had free-range access to the stage and grounds.

The other day I found and digitized some more dusty negatives from that summer, including a selfie that had to have been taken by a friend, given the size and weight of my camera.

The long-lost member of Yes? ELP? Spinal Tap?

I know how much facial and cranial hair I was rocking back then, but this image kind of stopped me in my tracks. I look like I moved to England, formed a prog rock band and released the LP “Crimson King Arthur & the Sword in the Stonehenge Fairie Queen Dragons” with the minor hit, “Tarkus Gnome Roundabout” (#35 UK)

Here’s a selection of shots:

Canned Heat’s Bob “The Bear” Hite (1943-1981)
Goin’ up the country

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Edgar Winter, on the far end of the visual wavelength

Finally, John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra. I am fairly certain these photos are not from The Park. I suspect they were from a concert in Toledo. I had interviewed McLaughlin at WIOT, probably the day of the show.

That story is here.

McLaughlin with Gibson doubleneck
With Jerry Goodman
And Billy Cobham


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