Not On Walden Pond

•  A transcendental television moment with the Eagles’ Don Henley

•  The difficulty of making a green new deal with a determined developer.

•   Sour grapes about no Concord stand-up

I can’t possibly complain about a career that took me around the world, let me meet and talk to fascinating people and rewarded me handsomely.

But here I go.

The many fringe benefits of my jobs in journalism included being able to visit friends and family before or after an assignment: an aunt and uncle in Seattle. . . college friends in LA. . . my nephews’ former au pair and her mum in their home in Bristol, UK . . . a certain someone I had the hots for in Brussels (a short hop over to Belgium after a London job), etc.

More fringe benefits

But, this one time, for the life of me, I couldn’t finagle a simple seat on the Eastern Shuttle to Massachusetts to put the finishing touch on this 1990 CNN story about preserving land around Walden Pond! I have family and friends in the Boston area; a best friend from high school lives in Concord, for Pete’s sake!

Watch the piece by clicking below and tell me it wouldn’t have been infinitely better if it included a shot of me walking pensively along the shore of Walden Pond pontificating about this issue!

I just can’t fathom how anybody was supposed to take this story seriously without a walking stand-up by the reporter, the most important part of every story. (Without a reporter, there is no story, for goodness sake!)

Anyway, Henley and his crew successfully purchased and protected 85 acres of land. And I didn’t get a free trip to visit friends and family. The executive producer of Showbiz Today, normally a delight to work with, had a Scrooge-like grip on the purse strings this time. (Just kidding, Scott).

I guess maybe I did get a Thoreauvian lesson in the virtues of leading a simpler life.

(I found this at “If you head to a cabin without your mobile devices, you might call that a Thoreauvian vacation.”)


P.S. In the video, can you identify the male celebrity seen just before Kathleen Turner? I have a hunch.

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