•  Austin’s annual music festival makes for a pretty routine CNN piece

•  The biggest name to interview there was Matthew Sweet. But that’s the point

At least I survived another visit to Texas without being hauled into court

Me & Texas just haven’t always gotten along. There was that time a sneaky prosecutor tried to get her hands on an interview I did in Houston. And that time at a Republican national convention in broiling hot Dallas where I had to report on Brian Wilson’s arrest.

But I jumped at the chance to visit Austin a second time, to do a piece on South By Southwest, by that time a major marketplace for emerging music artists. I felt much more comfortable in the Texas capital (despite the misadventure on a previous visit.)

“Keep Austin Weird” is a slogan actually embraced by the Austin Independent Business Alliance. I didn’t find anything especially weird to put in this CNN piece. It just sort of . . is what it is. Which is my least-favorite “slogan” ever, but kind of fits here.

See? Just a by-the-numbers Showbiz Today piece. Submitted for your approval. (They’re not all Pulitzer Prize material. None of them, in fact.)

It was what it was.


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